Use your DNA Blueprint to create your Health Destiny.

AI + DNA = Nutrition Perfected

 Frélii has the health tools to make your life simpler.

 Revolutionary AI technology built to find your unique nutrition and health needs.

 Real science at the core of every tool and product.

 Your body will thank you!



  • ✓ Health Goal Recommendations
  • ✓ Lifestyle and Family History Recommendations
  • ✓ Meal Planning
  • ✓ Hundreds of Recipes
  • ✓ Groceries Delivered to Your Door (where available)
  • ✓ Supplement Recommendations
  • ✓ Exercise Videos


$9 /Month
  • ✓ Everything in FREE Plan Plus..
  • ✓ Health DNA Analysis (23andMe, Ancestry)
  • ✓ Your Nutrigenomics(foods that make you thrive)
  • ✓ End the Guesswork of Eating Healthy
  • ✓ DNA based Supplement Recommendations
  • ✓ Discount on All Products
  • ✓ No Commitments, Cancel Anytime!!

Amazing Features

DNA+AI=Health Personalized

Knowing what your body needs is only half the battle, the other half is giving your body what it needs! We have all the tools to make living healthy easy!

DNA Based Meal Planning

All our meal plan's recommendations including recipes and ingredients are based on your genetics and your individual needs.

At Home Exercise Videos

Our exercises are HIIT based trainings that work for all skill levels. Exercise from home, no expensive equipment required! 



Even with a close to perfect diet, you may be missing some essential nutrients that your body needs. We only recommend doctor grade supplements that will help your body thrive!

Order Recipes/Groceries Online

All of our recipes are connected to Instacart and Amazon Fresh so you can order your food online and have it delivered to your door!

DNA Analysis

Your DNA is more than just where your ancestors came from. It provides valuable incite into your health blueprint and what you need to be your healthiest!

How it Works

1. Submit your data

Our AI "Navii" can accept data such as goals, current health concerns, family history, DNA and more!

2. AI Analyzes Data

After you submit your data, it will be run through Navii and it will look at millions of interactions to find what is best for you.

3. Get Results

After analysis Navii builds your food, exercise and nutritional profiles, so you can find what will make you thrive!

The World's most advanced Meal Planner

Our meal planner was designed to work for those with a busy lifestyle. That means less time spent trying to figure out what to eat and more time with your friends and family. All of our meal plan features were built for you to add time to do what you want. Features include:

✓ Personalized Recipes

✓ Shopping Lists

✓ Grocery/Recipe ingredient ordering online

✓ Recipes Customizable to number of servings

✓ Customizable to lifestyle (Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, etc.) 

✓ Diet Preferences (Gluten Free, Nut Free, Red Meat Free, etc.)

It's OK to Relax, We've got you covered

Your time is valuable and at Frélii we want you to have as much free time as possible. That means more time at the beach, more time with your family and more time doing the things you love.

✓ Take the Guess Work Out of what You Eat  

✓ Quick Recipes

✓ 15 minutes or less HIIT Workouts

✓ Skip the Grocery Store and Order Your Food Online

✓ Instant DNA Analysis


Frélii in Action

Meal Planner




DNA Findings


Health Concerns


AI is the Future of Health and Nutrition.

If eating right wasn't hard enough, we have recently discovered that "eating right" changes from person to person. Some need a diet that consists of an abundance of fruits and vegetables, while others thrive on healthy proteins and fats.  Our AI takes it a step further and builds nutrition plans not only around the foods that your body thrives on but also takes preventative measures to conditions you may be genetically prone to.  Our AI was built to find whats perfect for you! Including:

  • Foods/exercises/supplements proven to help
  • Root causes of conditions/ailments
  • Potential health risks that are preventable
  • Possible allergies
  • Many many more!

(DNA analysis is compatible with both 23andMe and Ancestry DNA data!)

See what Frélii users have to say

"Frélii has made living with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis easy! I love knowing that I'm eating the food that my body needs."

"Frélii has made cooking healthy for my family easy and I love being able to order all my groceries from the website!"

"I was frequently being forgetful and as a lawyer I need to be sharp.  Frélii has helped me feel as sharp as I felt in my 20's."

Meet our Executive team

Frélii's executive team consists of industry leaders in each of their respective fields, with more than 100 accumulative years in the fields of Genetics, Medicine, Technology, Law and Marketing.


Ian Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer

Ian is an International Business professional with a large resume in genetics and related fields.


Jayson Uffens

Chief Technical Officer

Jason is Technology Engineering executive who has served as a high level decision maker for multiple companies including GrubHub.


Hans Jenkins

Chief Medical Officer

Hans is a quadruple board certified Medical Doctor who obsesses over positive patient outcomes.


Seth Jones

Chief Marketing Officer

Seth is a digital and viral marketing guru whose projects have amassed over 2 billion views globally.

Your Privacy is our Policy

We believe in personal privacy. Our website is 100% HIPAA compliant.  At Frélii we don't sell any of your information to third parties and we have Amazon grade securities to keep your information safe and secure. 

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