DNA Holds the Blueprint to Long term health

Your DNA is more than where your ancestors came from or the color of your eyes. It also contains valuable information as to the nutrients your body needs, types of exercises that your body responds the best to and insight into potential health conditions you may be prone to.

Frélii's DNA analysis is a step ahead of the rest!

Using our revolutionary AI "Navii" we can now look at the whole person. Not just their current health but also what the future may hold. Plans are built for longevity, whether you want to age slowly or potentially prevent a serious condition like diabetes or memory loss, we take it all into account. We even deliver you 5X more information on your health genetics than both 23andMe and Ancestry!


what makes you, YOU!

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Your DNA is your genetic blueprint, holding the keys to your health and wellbeing. Our AI analyzes over 600,000 gene variations that impact your health.

food. specific to your needs.

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Are you tired of the one-size-fits-all fad diets that never work? Your DNA reveals what foods are right for you, so you can eat with confidence!

Fitness for longevity.

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Your body is unique and your workout should be too. Our AI will show you which exercises are best for your body!

How your DNA affects the Meal Planner and recipes

We have hundreds of healthy recipes built into our system that will suit the needs of our users. When we receive your genetic data, recipes will be added or taken away from your meal planner and recipe book based on your genetic needs.


Your DNA gives insight to the Exercises you should do

Some genetic types respond better to explosive workouts and others respond better to low impact. Some cardiovascular systems are better suited to marathons and others respond better to sprinting. Navii will find what your body is better suited for and then build a new personalized workout video that fits your unique parameters.

Get health information about your body that you don't get from our competitors

Some companies within our industry don't tell you certain things about your DNA. At Frélii we believe that knowledge is power that each of our users should have the ability to write their own health destiny. Your health is the greatest asset that you will ever have in this life, and we are here to help you add longevity and quality years.