Building value as the leader in digital and personalized health solutions.

Why invest in Frélii

With the combination of advanced technologies and a growing public distrust in traditional healthcare, Frélii has forged a unique position within the personal health and wellness industry. We provide an unparalleled platform and opportunity for shareholders to participate in the growing global demand for health products that allow the consumer to take charge of their health. Our integrated portfolio of assets is diverse and strategically advantaged, with multiple growth platforms that generate strong cash flow and support returns to shareholders.

Three Reasons to Invest

The demand and market for out-of-pocket health products is growing.

In 2016, 59 million Americans spent out-of-pocket money on complementary health approaches, for total spending of $30.2 billion a year. estimates personalized health and wellness market to grow to $600 Billion by 2022. We believe we will lead this market growth because of our ability to scale.

Our business model is built for mass scale.

We are the only company in our industry that uses advanced technologies like artificial intelligence. Because we use A.I. to generate recommendations, we give our customers instant information about their body and their needs. No more waiting weeks for results or recommendations.

Be a part of the genetic health revolution.

Major changes need to be made to the current American healthcare system. The only way to make necessary changes is for us to band together against big Pharma and The FDA who believe in “Policy”, over

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