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We are the end of fad dieting and the beginning of your new health journey.


Frélii is the one stop shop for all things related to food and health.

Life is too busy to have to worry about eating right, feeling good, grocery shopping and having the energy to get through the day. With everything from meal planning and grocery ordering to nutritional supplements, Frélii makes healthy living simple. You will spend less time worring about your health and more time doing the things you love.


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Your DNA gives valuable input to your nutritional needs.

Your genetics are unique and your nutritional needs are too. We make adjustments to your nutrition planner based on any findings from possible allergies to potential future health concerns and everything in between!

  • Likely food allergies
  • Foods to make your body thrive!
  • How to finally conquer your weight goals
  • What to eat to prevent disease
  • Missing dietary nutrients your body needs

Quick and Easy Grocery Ordering

Save time and money ordering your meals/groceries through Frélii. We are integrated with with Instacart and Amazon for grocery ordering and delivery. All you have to do is follow the steps below! You can also get FREE delivery from a local grocery store to your door, usually in 2 hours or under!

Step 1:

Click on a recipe


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Click "Get Ingredients"


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Enter Zip Code


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Click "Add to Cart"


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Eating right improves your quality of life.

41% of dieters regain more weight than they lost after finishing a diet. Eating right is more than a one month activity and then returning to bad habits. It is a lifestyle that requires commitment to yourself and your goals. We are here to help you make that commitment, and provide the tools to easily make these changes in your life!

Percent of users who report having more energy eating for genetic need.


Percent of users who report having more joy in their everyday lives.


Percent of users who report having a better self image while eating right.